Young Dolph’s accused murders

One of Young Dolph’s accused murders used his gun to carjack the Mercedes-Benz used as a getaway car in the fatal shooting, in legal documents attained by TMZ.

“A woman in a white Mercedes-Benz told them she was approached by 2 men armed with AR-style guns and they demanded her car.” She added that she was hit with the muzzle of the gun, got out and ran away from the car. One of the men chased her down, because they could not start the car. The cop continued  “forcing her back inside the ride at gunpoint and hitting her on the back of the head with his gun and demanding she starts the car.”

In the docs, police say they dusted the car for fingerprints and got a match for Cornelius Smith

📸 Paras Griffin/Getty,U.S. Marshals Service via AP

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