Travis Scott sat down w Charlamagne Tha God

Travis Scott sat down w Charlamagne Tha God to discuss the events of Astroworld. In the interview he basically takes no responsiblity for the tragedy as he also, did not name names dispite being asked. Denies he knew there were injuries until after the concert and mentions stopping the show a few times. Travis says his “in-ear” told him to end the show “after the guest” AKA Drake, and was never told just how bad things were in the crowd.

When asked about the victims and their families, he says “I just always wanna be there for them, I’m gonna fix this problem and make sure this doesn’t happen in the future and be the number one voice for this. We gotta figure it out.” He also added,  “as an artist, he and his team focus on the creativity of the show, not so much the safety and logistics — something that’s handled by promoters.”  He seemed affected when speaking about the victims. 

Overall, this accident was all preventable, and it’s unfortunate the level of harm was at this level. 

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