Matthew Rosengart, the power house

Matthew Rosengart, the power house, former federal prosecutor, made this happen for Britney. He gave our girl her freedom, in under 6months.  The one major takeaway from this, Matthew always spoke of Britney and her well being, which is something noticeably absent from the lawyers of James Spears, which was set up for the benefit of Britney. 

Here are some of the things we know that happened in court yesterday. The conservatorship of the person and estate are terminated. Matthew also said that James Spears did not show up to, not one, but two depositions even though his lawyer promised full cooperation from Mr. Spears. Financial accounting is said to take place in January. A safety net of medical and financial care has been set up to help her transition to be smooth, back to normal life.  He also added whatever happens with Britney from here on out, will he HER CHOICE. 

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